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Contract Negotiation

A 5 step guide to valid contract formation, contract negotiation strategies, information on oral contracts, and an example of contract negotiation.


The Startup Package Process

The Startup Packages are among the most popular sets of flat-fee legal products in our startup community. This step-by-step Process Guide takes you through each step of the Packages to help you understand what’s coming, what to ask about, what your different options are, and highlights areas where we think it’s particularly important to get a lawyer’s advice.



Patents are a form of intellectual property that give an inventor or assignee an exclusive right over an invention for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention.


Copyright Registration

You must register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office before you are legally permitted to bring a federal lawsuit to enforce it.


General Partnership

A general partnership is made up of two or more partners where all partners manage and are responsible for the business' operations and debts.


Free Legal Documents

Free legal documents—valuable information for every entrepreneur. These legal documents, forms, and letters help entrepreneurs at any stage to make informed and strategic decisions. Whether you're signing a contract or incorporating your business, you'll find free legal documents for a wide variety of needs. Questions? Comments? Feel free to use the chat box to contact us! We're always ready to help.

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George Grellas

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Intellectual Property Labor and Employmentand 1 more
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Palo Alto, CA, United States

Business and Corporate Banking and Financeand 3 more
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Jacques Ntonme

Austin, TX, USA

Disabilities Familyand 1 more

Startup Basic


The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the basic setup of your business, including the creation of a corporate entity and allocation of shares to the founders.

Immigration Consultation


The Immigration Consultation Package consists of legal advice that will help the immigrant determine how he or she can legally remain in the U.S.