Know your legal rights and responsibilities when dissolving a marriage. In includes information on the 9 issues decided in a divorce settlement, and the difference between a fault and no fault divorce.

Divorce: an overview

What is divorce?

A divorce formally dissolves a legal marriage between two parties. The divorce cancels and/or reorganizes the legal duties and responsibilities between the parties.

Do I need a reason to get divorced?

Yes, when you file for divorce you must choose the “grounds,” or legal reason, for the divorce. The grounds can be very specific, such as a drug abuse problem, or general, such as irreconcilable differences.

What’s the difference between a fault divorce and a no fault divorce?

In the United States, you can file for divorce on the grounds of fault or no fault. In a fault divorce, one party is asking for a divorce because they claim the other party did something wrong that justifies dissolution of the marriage. In a no fault divorce, neither party is held responsible for the end of the marriage.

9 Issues Decided in a Divorce

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