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Beyond Leads: By joining, you get access to client opportunities from a unique network of online communities, startup incubators, business associations, legal aid organizations and other networked law firms. We help you connect to clients that speak to your interests and values.

Networked Practice: We verify and gather further details on each opportunity before sending it to your phone or inbox. Skip, respond and refer opportunities with the click of a button. Generate more referrals & repeat business, from our networks and your own.

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Learn how one solo attorney added over $100,000 in client bookings from the network in one year.

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Built For Conversion: Align goals and expectations with clients from the start, be more responsive to market demands and convert more client opportunities. Use pricing data from hundreds of lawyers to accurately price your services.

E-commerce Enabled: Track client opportunities from introduction to engagement. Send engagement proposals to clients and get paid on time. We help you track your success and improve business processes, so you can focus on your practice.

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Learn how unbundled legal services can help you grow your practice and increase client satisfaction. Sign up and receive a free ebook on Unbundled Legal services drawn from advisor, Stephanie Kimbro's ABA bestseller, Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client.

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Client Success Platform: Join our Partner Program and setup your own platform, under your brand. Powerful intake, content distribution and collaboration features give you a competitive edge in today's reputation-based legal marketplace.

On-demand Support Services: Invite your support staff or use our trained intake assistants to respond instantly to potential clients via live chat, SMS and phone. Set the gold standard for service and turn your clients into evangelists.

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Networks Always Win Partners know how markets are turning into networks of information, with the customer at the heart of those networks. This means lawyers can't “market” anymore; instead, we have to be able to “influence” networks of information.

Learn how is used by law firms and other trusted legal expert networks to engage and serve their audience.

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