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Niccolò Travia

Studio Legale Thau Andreicich


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Business and Corporate
International Trade


Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma



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Niccolò is a lawyer of outstanding capacities and preparation. Not only he is a trustable talented professional: he is an enthusiastic person you can always rely on. As a client, I would have no doubts that Niccolò would handle my case in the best possible way.

Riccardo RomanoI know Niccolò Travia in another capacity

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Studio Legale Thau Andreicich
Via Archimede 120
Roma, 00197

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Fee types


Prior art search

Determine if your invention is novel before committing the resources necessary to obtain a patent.

General Counsel Plus

A dedicated general counsel, available for 40 hours for a 3 month period.

Business Reorganization Consultation

Assess your options related to a business reorganization, disposition, or liquidation.

Provisional Patent

File a provisional patent application. This establishes an early filing date for the invention, and can mature into a...

LLC Formation

Create a Limited Liability Company.

Startup Plus

The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the setup of your business, including the ...

Power of attorney

Grant someone an authorization to act on your behalf in personal, business or other matters.

Shareholder Buyout

Purchase a co-owner’s interest in a business, such as an LLC or a corporation.

Contract Review Pro

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 25 pages.

Incorporation - $500 - $3,500

Create a US corporation.

Advisor Agreement

Structure the relationship with your business advisors.

Convertible Note Financing

Finance your business using convertible debt notes.

General Counsel Basic

A dedicated general counsel, available for 20 hours for a 3 month period.

Restraining Order

Stop harassment, stalking or violence by seeking a court order against an individual. This is also referred to as a W...

Website Legal Policies

Define the rules users of a website must abide by.

Contract Review Basic

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 5 pages.

Nondisclosure Agreement

An NDA protects critical business information when confidentiality is essential to the discussions or negotiations at...

Startup Basic

The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the basic setup of your business, includin...

Anti-money laundering policy

Ensure compliance with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. Having an anti-money laundering policy in place mi...

General Counsel Pro

A dedicated general counsel, available for 60 hours for a 3 month period.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rates are the most common fee arrangement for legal services.

Stock Purchase Agreement

Purchase shares in a business. The Stock Purchase Agreement ("SPA") is the definitive agreement that finalizes all te...

Consulting agreement

Structure the relationship with a consultant. Set clear rules around important matters such as the scope of the work,...

EU trademark

Register a EU trademark

Contract Review Plus

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 15 pages.

Hybrid Social Enterprise Consultation

Assess your legal structure options for establishing a social enterprise

Nonprofit formation

Establish a nonprofit corporation and apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status

Business Dissolution

Dissolving a business entity ends its existence. This protects you against tax and other liabilities and formalities ...

Distressed Business Acquisition

Legal advice relating to the purchase of a distressed business or its assets.