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May W.
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May Whitaker

Lawyer at Mayflower Law

El Sobrante, California

About May

Founded Mayflower Law with a mission to provide affordable legal services to startups and small businesses with their legal needs, individuals with non-criminal immigration matters, and veterans with benefit applications and appeals. Also maintains a general practice to help provide a wider range... Read more

Practice Areas

Business and Corporate
Intellectual Property
Labor and Employment
Non-Profit and Social Enterprise
Trusts and Estates





Professional References

May is a conscientious, dedicated lawyer who works with the highest integrity and always advocates for her clients.

Sheera DuerigenI know May Whitaker in another capacity

Contact Information

Mayflower Law
3959 La Cresenta Road
El Sobrante, California, 94803

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University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)

JDGraduated in 2014
Fee types


Hourly Rate

Hourly rates are the most common fee arrangement for legal services.

Incorporation - $500 - $3,500

Create a US corporation.

Copyright registration

Register your copyright to create proof of your copyright ownership and to aid you in fighting copyright infringement.

US Trademark

Register a US trademark.

LLC Formation

Create a Limited Liability Company.

Employee Handbook

Set expectations for your employees and describes what they can expect from your company. An employee handbook is an ...


Get a will in place. Determine beneficiaries for your assets, appoint guardians for minor children and make sure that...

General Counsel Plus

A dedicated general counsel, available for 40 hours for a 3 month period.

DMCA Compliance Package

Protect your company from liability for user-generated content.

General Counsel Pro

A dedicated general counsel, available for 60 hours for a 3 month period.

Copyright infringement letter

Demand that an individual or entity cease infringement of your copyright.

Contract Review Pro

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 25 pages.

Startup Basic

The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the basic setup of your business, includin...

Contract Review Basic

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 5 pages.

Contract Review Plus

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 15 pages.

Website Legal Policies

Define the rules users of a website must abide by.

General Counsel Basic

A dedicated general counsel, available for 20 hours for a 3 month period.