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Jeffrey Makoff

Lawyer at Valle Makoff LLP

San Francisco, California

About Jeffrey

I litigate, arbitrate and mediate business, compensation and personal disputes. Business and compensation disputes typically concern the ownership, management or control of a business, diverse contractual issues, financial misconduct, and/or government regulatory issues. Personal disputes includ... Read more

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Labor and Employment


California , District of Columbia



Client Reviews

Very astute and quick to act. His advice is very good, and his understanding of employment issues and negotiating tactics was exactly what I needed. If you have an employment-related issue, Jeff will give you the solid representation you need.
Chris in San Francisco, CA, United States

Professional References

Jeff Makoff and his firm successfully saved my game and film development company from a very hostile takeover attempt by the second largest game publisher in the world. In a separate matter, Makoff won my company a multi-million dollar settlement against aggressive and hostile parties in China and the US who had stolen trade secrets and committed tort violations against my business. I have worked with over 300 different attorneys in my career as an entrepreneur and business owner in the entertainment industry. Jeff Makoff is the finest litigator and legal business strategist of any I have crossed paths with. From nearly ten years of experience working with Jeff, I an confidently state there is no better firm to aggressively defend your interests. I highly recommend Jeff Makoff for all your legal needs.

Jason ManleyI know Jeffrey Makoff in another capacity

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Valle Makoff LLP
2 Embarcadero Center
Suite 2370
San Francisco, California, 94111

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Demand that an individual or entity cease infringement of your trademark.

Restraining Order

Stop harassment, stalking or violence by seeking a court order against an individual. This is also referred to as a W...

Business Reorganization Consultation

Assess your options related to a business reorganization, disposition, or liquidation.

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Demand that an individual or entity cease infringement of your copyright.

Distressed Business Acquisition

Legal advice relating to the purchase of a distressed business or its assets.