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Forrest Carlson

Assemble Law Group, PLLC

Seattle, Washington

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Forrest Carlson is an experienced estate planning attorney with a dream of making wills and other estate plan documents affordable for all people regardless of income. He is a founding member of the Low Bono Section of the Washington State Bar Association, an organization of professionals who aim... Read more

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Trusts and Estates


Washington (2008)



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Assemble Law Group, PLLC
2633 Eastlake Ave E
Ste 207
Seattle, Washington, 98102

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Estate Plan Basic (Couple)

Put in place a basic estate plan for you and your partner. This includes two wills, two powers of attorney and two ad...

Advanced Health Care Directive

State your health care preferences to your physician, family and friends. This includes types of special treatment yo...

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Power of attorney

Grant someone an authorization to act on your behalf in personal, business or other matters.


Get a will in place. Determine beneficiaries for your assets, appoint guardians for minor children and make sure that...

Estate Plan Basic (Individual)

Put in place a basic estate plan. This includes a will, a power of attorney and an advanced health care directive, cu...