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Jenny Loda

Law Office of Jenny Loda

Oakland, California

About Jenny

I am an attorney based in Oakland, California offering legal advice and support for individuals, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, cooperatives, and micro-entrepreneurs. I am a San Francisco Bay Area native working to serve the legal needs of local communities to support more just an... Read more

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Business and Corporate
Non-Profit and Social Enterprise





Professional References

I hired Jenny for a set of Endangered Species Act case. She has excellent research skills. Jenny has an extensive scientific background which facilitates the understanding of ecological problems. In one of our Federal cases Jenny made the oral argument. She was well prepared and very apt at thinking on her feet in responding to the judge's questions as well as countering the defense's arguments. I would highly recommended her for any environmental case. Especially those cases dealing with complex scientific issues.

Jack SilverI know Jenny Loda in another capacity

I recommend Jenny Loda.

Elizabeth BurnettI know Jenny Loda in another capacity

Contact Information

Law Office of Jenny Loda
PO Box 3293
Oakland, California, 94609

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