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Vic Lin
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Vic Lin

Innovation Capital Law Group, LLP

Irvine, California

About Vic

Patent attorney and co-founder of law firm dedicated to helping startups. We enjoy working with cofounders and seeing cool new product designs. We specialize in intellectual property (patents, trademarks & copyrights) and corporate law (entity formation, raising capital, licensing and M&A).

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Intellectual Property
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I have worked with Vic for over 10 years. He has always been responsive to my requests, able to understand the topics quickly and willing to have open conversations to work through the tough issues.

Tom Weisel, colleague of Vic





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Innovation Capital Law Group, LLP

19800 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 270
Irvine, California, 92612

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Patent Application (Complex)

File a utility patent on a high complexity invention, such as a medical device. This allows you to stop others from u...

Prior art search

Determine if your invention is novel before committing the resources necessary to obtain a patent.

Patent Application (Simple)

File a utility patent on a simple invention, such as a post-it note or a screwdriver. This allows you to stop others ...

US Trademark

Register a US trademark.

Patent Application (Medium)

File a utility patent on a medium complexity invention, such as an electromechanical invention. This allows you to st...

Design Patent

File a design patent application. Applying for a design patent helps protect the ornamental design of a functional item.

Copyright registration

Register your copyright to create proof of your copyright ownership and to aid you in fighting copyright infringement.


Patent Application (Simple)

Initial preparation and filing of U.S. non-provisional utility patent application