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Frederic Abramson

Law Office of Frederic Abramson

New York, New York

About Frederic

I founded my law firm in 1997 because I saw a need; and I saw that my life experiences and talents could be used to make a difference in the lives of my clients. As a tech and business lawyer, I’m pleased to serve as general counsel and provide litigation services to amazing startups and compa... Read more

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Business and Corporate
Personal Injury
Real Property


New York



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Law Office of Frederic Abramson
160 Broadway
New York, New York, 10038

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Professional References

I recommend Frederic Abramson.

Peter Ferraiuolo, colleague of Frederic

Fred is the epitome of a "hired gun." He knows the New York City courts inside and out; He knows what a given judge is going to say and how a judge will likely rule before most of his adversaries. Whether you are a potential client or another attorney, this is the guy you want in your corner if you anticipate a protracted litigation.

Marshall Isaacs, colleague of Frederic


Quinnipic University School of Law

JDGraduated in 1996


BAGraduated in 1996

Shareholder Buyout

Purchase a co-owner’s interest in a business, such as an LLC or a corporation.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rates are the most common fee arrangement for legal services.

Nondisclosure Agreement

An NDA protects critical business information when confidentiality is essential to the discussions or negotiations at...

Stock Purchase Agreement

Purchase shares in a business. The Stock Purchase Agreement ("SPA") is the definitive agreement that finalizes all te...

Website Legal Policies

Define the rules users of a website must abide by.

LLC Formation

Create a Limited Liability Company.

Contract Review Basic

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 5 pages.

General Counsel Pro

A dedicated general counsel, available for 60 hours for a 3 month period.

H1B Visa Application

Apply for an H1B Visa, a US non-immigrant visa that employs foreign workers to be employed in specialty occupations.

General Counsel Basic

A dedicated general counsel, available for 20 hours for a 3 month period.

Startup Plus

The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the setup of your business, including the ...

Incorporation - $500 - $3,500

Create a US corporation.

Business Dissolution

Dissolving a business entity ends its existence. This protects you against tax and other liabilities and formalities ...

Advisor Agreement

Structure the relationship with your business advisors.

LLC to C-Corp Conversion

Convert an existing Limited Liability Company into a Corporation.

General Counsel Plus

A dedicated general counsel, available for 40 hours for a 3 month period.

Startup Basic

The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the basic setup of your business, includin...

Estate Plan Basic (Couple)

Put in place a basic estate plan for you and your partner. This includes two wills, two powers of attorney and two ad...